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Mailing Information:

c/o Tim Salmon
6837 NW 87th Ct
Johnston, IA 50131

Phone orders in:
(515) 419-9679

after 5:00 PM CDT
(515) 986-0474

Email Orders:

Please send inquires and via email to tim@footballdecals.com .  We will respond to your requests within 24 hours. 

Accepted Payment Methods:

Visa, MasterCard, Discovery & American Express on phone orders

Paypal - easiest way to pay.  We send the invoice to you and you pay with your paypal account or credit card.

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1) Can I use a P.O. Number and ship it to my home?
When using a district or school Purchase Order, we must ship to the district, school or warehouse that is responsible
for paying the bill. We can, however, ship to a home address as long as the order is prepaid (charge card), check  or money order) prior to processing the order.
We will no longer allow unpaid orders to be placed without Purchase Orders.  Orders that have been placed and not paid within 30 days are subject to late fee fines of
$20 per month.  After 90 days, unpaid bills will be turned over to collection agencies. 


1) May I order only one pair of football helmet decals?
The process used to make a decal is not cost effective to do less then the minimum 15 pairs required. However, we
do offer to do black and white or colored paper proofs on artwork once an order is placed.


1) Can I send in my own artwork?
Yes, we would be happy to use your original artwork and produce the product from that. Most of the time, the layout
and design of the artwork we receive from schools allows us not to charge art charges. At times, however, based on
the detail of the artwork we receive, an art charge of $60 per hour may incur. (Should art charges incur, it can’t be
determined until we receive the artwork.)

2) All I need is artwork done at this time?
Unfortunately, we do not provide artwork free of charge.  We do, however, have thousands of mascots, letter combos and words available to send to you at your request,
once an order in placed and paid.  If you want custom artwork completed without ordering decals, the charge is $60 per hour,
with a minimum of 2 hours of work time for the artwork.  Payment must be made in advance of any work being completed. 

3) Can I use one of your mascots as an award decal?
Absolutely. If the mascot chosen were considered a “stock” mascot, there would be no minimum required to order
it as an award decal (aside from the standard $25.00 catalog order). If the mascot you choose is not considered a
“stock” mascot, there would be a minimum of 10 sheets per design, per color required to order it as an award decal.


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Send mail to tim@footballdecals.com with questions or comments about this web site.

We are offer easy payments with paypal.  Simply email your order request and we will send an invoice through paypal that you can pay directly through your paypal account or by using your credit card.